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HAP 746: Health Policy Leadership

Dates: 4–8 June, 2017 (Online during summer) 

The syllabus is available upon request.

Health Policymaking: Structure and Process

  • The Policymaking Process: An Overview
  • Problems and Agendas: Why Only Some Problems Get Our Attention
  • The Health Care Infrastructure: Is It Up to the Task of Governing?
  • Policy Formulation: How a Bill Becomes a Law
  • Policy Implementation, or the Nuts and Bolts of Health Policymaking

Health Policymaking: The Role of Government

  • Who is Involved?
  • The Role of the Executive Branch
  • Federal Departments and Agencies
  • The Legislative Branch
  • Competing Priorities in the Federal Budget
  • Orientation to Capitol Hill: Who's Who in Congressional Offices—And What Can They Do for You?
  • Communication Skills for Political Success

Health Policymaking: Influencing Government

  • The Influence of Special Interest Groups and Political Action Committees in Health Care
  • The Role and Influence of Lobbyists
  • The Influence of Money and the Media
  • The Influence of Coalitions
  • The Influence of Professional Associations
  • Ethics and Health Policymaking
  • The Role and Influence of Policy Think Tanks

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