Margaret Rodan, ScD, MSN, MPH

Margie Rodan
Titles and Organizations

Professor, Nursing

Contact Information

Phone: 703-993-1727
Building: Peterson Hall
Room 3010


Dr. Margie Rodan is Professor and Associate Director in the School of Nursing at George Mason University. Her career focus has been to build nursing expertise, research, and training in the broader context of society, communities, and the policies and institutions – private and government – in which nurses practice and interact. Dr. Rodan has implemented this by blending research on nursing and public health with teaching and community service, addressing the critical role of nursing in a rapidly changing society and health-care delivery structures. Dr. Rodan is Registered Nurse with a Bachelors Degree from the University of Delaware, and a Masters Degree in Nursing from the University of Arizona. She holds a Doctor of Science degree in public health from the Harvard School of Public Health, with concentrations in maternal and child health, biostatistics, and research methods. Previously, Dr. Rodan was a Research Director at Georgetown University implementing the NIH-DC Initiative, studying health disparities and outcomes in prenatal care. Dr. Rodan has also been a public health nurse, grant writer, consultant, and program evaluator working with and researching public/private sector health-care delivery models and efficacy in a variety of medically-underserved settings.

University Service

  • SON Student Matters Committee, Chair, 2018
  • MAP Research Interest Group, 2017
  • SON Faculty Council, 2017
  • Council of Directors, Teams Up Alcohol SBIRT, 2015-2017
  • SON Program Evaluation Committee, 2010
  • Member, Search Committee, 2010
  • Member, MSN, DNP PhD Program Committees, 2010

Community Service

  • Planning Committee, Washington Regional Nursing Research Consortium, 2018
  • Member, INOVA Nursing Research System Wide Council. Fairfax, VA, 2012-present


Research Interests

  • Biopsychosocial risks
  • Behavioral interventions related to infant mortality and prenatal care


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"Comprehensive Geriatric Education Program," Health Resources and Services Administration.  Best practices in behavioral health care (dementia, depression and delirium) for older adults. Rodan (Principal Investigator), September 2012-September 2015. Role: Project Director. $811,172.

"PCMH evaluation," CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield. Contract for the Evaluation of the CareFirst BCBS Patient Centered Medical Home Program. Nichols (Principal Investigator), January 2013-December 2015. Role: Co-investigator. $5,399,385.

"CareFirst Project RN Nurse Educator Partnership." Scholarship fund for future nurse educators. 
May 2010-May 2015. Role: Program Director. $160,000.
"NoVA HealthForce SkillSource." Scholarship future nurse educators. 2010-2014. Role: Program Director. $200,000.

"Partners for Education in Gerontology," Health Resources and Services Adminstration. Remsburg (Principal Investigator), June 2009-May 2012. Role: Co-Investigator. $468,346.

"Community Immunity campaign to increase flu vaccination for college students," Fairfax County Department of Public Health and Pfizer. Remsburg (Principal Investigator), 2011-2012. Role: Co-Investigator. $40,000.

"Promotion of Wellness and Recovery: Integrating primary care for persons with serious mental
illness," Funded by Kaiser Foundation, Mid Atlantic States. The Community Services Board, Fairfax Falls Church. 2011-2012. Role: Program Director. $100,000.

"Subcontract to complete analysis and reporting requirements for GirlTalk program," funded by Georgetown University. 2010-2011. Role: Principle Investigator. $33,432.

"Cooperative Perinatal Studies and Interventions," NICHD HD030445-15. GirlTalk Building healthy teen relationships to increase interpartum pregnancy intervals in teens. Subramanian (Principal Investigator), May 2004–April 2011. Role: Research Project Director, Co-Investigator. $4,200,000.

"MCH Block Grant," District of Columbia, Department of Health. Teen empowerment for adolescent mothers to complete educational goals. Katz (Principal Investigator), November 2009-October 2010. Role: Co-investigator. $100,000.

"Integrated intervention for psychosocial risks," (N=1044) RCT funded by NICHD. Subramanian (Principal Investigator), 2002-2004. Role: Research Project Director, NIH-DCI and Co-investigator. Award Amount: $2,800.000.

"Alcohol Assessment Among Minority Low-Income Women," (N=1064) Funded by NIAAA. 2003-2004. Role: Principal Investigator. $200,000.

"Family Nurse Practitioners and Nurse Midwives Training Grant. Building health careers for minority youth," Funded by Bureau of Health Professionals. Kelly (Principal Investigator). Role: Co-investigator.

"Build interdisciplinary research capacity in primary care and development of a practice based research network," Funded by HRSA. Siwek (Principal Investigator), 1998-2002. Role: Project Director. $500,000.

"NIH-DC Initiative to Reduce Infant Mortality," funded by NICHD. Identify barriers, facilitators and motivators to improve the utilization of prenatal care (N=410). Subramanian (Principal Investigator), 1994-1998. Role: Co-Investigator. $1,800,000.

"Pew Health Professional Schools in Service to the Nation." Activities build community partnerships and multidisciplinary models for service learning. Siwek (Principal Investigator), Rodan (Co-Investigator), 1996-1998. Role: Project Director. $340,000.

"Food frequency questionnaires and nutritional risk assessment in low-income populations." (N=2437) Doctoral Dissertation, Harvard University. Supported by USDA-WIC program in Massachusetts. 1998.

"A profile of health status and health service indicators for the Walker-Jones NHC and surrounding communities," Local Initiative Support Corporation, Washington, DC. 1994-95. Role: Project Director. $180,000.

Honors and Awards

  • Evelyn Cohelen Faculty Leadership for Nursing, 2017, George Mason University
  • Maternal Child Health Trainee Fellowship, 1988, Bureau of Health Professionals
  • Nursing Trainee Fellowship, 1981, Bureau of Health Professionals



  • ScD, Maternal Child Health, Harvard University
  • MS, Maternal and Child Health, Harvard University
  • MPH, Public Health, Harvard University
  • MSN, Community Health Nursing, University of Arizona
  • BA, Psychology, University of Delaware
  • BSN, Nursing, University of Delaware