Priyanka Anand, PhD


Dr. Priyanka Anand is an associate professor in the Department of Health Administration and Policy at George Mason University. Her research interests include health economics, disability policy, labor economics, and social insurance programs. Her past work includes estimating the effect of the ACA Medicaid expansions on federal disability insurance applications, examining the relationship between rising health insurance costs and employee compensation, and analyzing the time use of people with disabilities. Her work has been published in journals such as Health Economics, Demography, and the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal. Before joining George Mason, Anand was a senior researcher at Mathematica Policy Research.


Research Interests

  • Health economics
  • Disability policy
  • Labor economics
  • Social insurance programs


A list of publications is available at Dr. Anand’s website.

Anand, P. (2017). Health insurance costs and employee compensation: Evidence from the national compensation survey. Health Economics, 26(12).

Anand, P., & Sevak, P. (2017). The role of individual characteristics and workplace accommodations in understanding employment differences among people with disabilities. IZA Labor Policy, 6(12).

Honeycutt, T. C., Anand, P., Rubinstein, M., & Stern, S. N. (2017). Public provision of postsecondary education for transition-age youth with mental health conditions. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal, 40(2), 183-196.

Anand, P., & Wittenburg, D. (2017). An analysis of private long-term disability insurance access, cost and policy options using the national compensation survey. Monthly Labor Review. Available at

Anand, P., & Ben-Shalom, Y. (2014) How do working-age people with disabilities spend their time? New evidence from the american time use survey. Demography, 51, 1977.

Anand, P., Mizala, A., & Repetto, A. (2009). Using School Scholarships to Estimate the Effect of Private Education on Academic Achievement in Chile. Economics of Education Review, 28(3), 370-381.

Honors and Awards


  • Dissertation Fellowship, 2011, Yale University
  • Summer Fellowship, 2006-2010, Yale University
  • Graduate School Fellowship, 2006-2010, Yale University
  • Graduate Research Fellowship Honorable Mention, 2006, National Science Foundation
  • Fulbright Scholarship, Chile, 2004,
  • Undergraduate Research Contest in Agricultural, Environmental and Development Economics, Honorable Mention, 2002, Ohio State University
  • Phi Beta Kappa, 2002, University of California, Berkeley



  • PhD, Economics, Yale University
  • MPhil, Economics, Yale University
  • MA, Economics, Yale University
  • BA, Economics and Political Science, University of California at Berkeley