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Quality Improvement and Outcomes Management in Health Care Systems, Graduate Certificate

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Pangiota Kitsantas, PhD
Associate Professor

Yiota Kitsantas

Program Overview

This 15- to 18-credit certificate program prepares working clinicians and administrative support staff in health care organizations to implement quality improvement initiatives and to manage populations of patients to optimize efficiency and effectiveness of care and services. Participants learn to use the techniques of statistical process control, selected tools from operations research and quality improvement, information management technology, and qualitative decision-making applications to ultimately improve health service outcomes.

Curriculum Information

The program curriculum, including short descriptions of the required courses, is available in Mason's University Catalog. Courses are taught once a week on the Fairfax Campus in the late afternoon and evening. Occasionally a course is offered on alternate Saturdays, and a few are offered online.


The certificate program is oriented towards individuals who want to achieve quality improvement targets and implement scientifically based outcomes management in the health industry. This includes organizational leaders, managers, physicians, nurses, pharmacists, health information technologists and other healthcare professionals.