Health Policy, MS Final Project in HAP 793: Applied Health Policy

The final project course is a vital part of the curriculum for the MS in Health Policy program.  During the course, students are expected to demonstrate knowledge and skills learned in the MSHMP program, through their execution of an approved written research project on a pertinent public health policy issue, as well as taking and passing a written comprehensive examination. Students must complete all MSHMP coursework prior to or simultaneous to taking HAP 793.

The research project requires students to understand different positions related to a particular policy issue, to assess existing evidence and research related to the policy issue, to formulate additional research questions, and to analyze the need and implications for new or modified policies on the issue.  The assignment can take many forms including a literature review, environmental scan, policy analysis, or research grant or program evaluation proposal.  The overarching principle for determining suitability of this assignment is whether it provides students the opportunity to apply the skills and competencies acquired in the MSHMP program to a problem likely to be encountered in the practice of public health policy.  Students will be guided by an experienced faculty member involved with teaching, researching or analyzing health policy. 

The written comprehensive examination is designed to provide evidence that students completing the MSHMP program have mastered the wide-ranging knowledge and skills in health policy and are skilled in “critical thinking”.  A critical thinker uses broad in-depth analysis of evidence to make decisions and communicate his/her beliefs clearly and accurately. 

Faculty Advisor

Dr. PJ Maddox, is the course instructor and faculty advisor for students taking HAP 793.