Health Informatics Faculty

Program Administration and Advising

Dr. Janusz Wojtusiak, Director, Programs in Health Informatics
Dr. Zakevia Green-Lawson, Coordinator, MS in Health Informatics Online
Dr. Panagiota Kitsantas, Director, PhD in Health Services Research Program
Dr. Farrokh Alemi and Dr. Hua Min, Faculty graduate advisors
Dr. Sanja Avramovic and Dr. Sorina Madison, Faculty undergraduate advisors
Maria Perez, Undergraduate student advisor

Full-Time Faculty


Farrokh Alemi, PhD

Research Interests: Causal inference, direct to consumer information services, analysis of streaming real-time data, multimorbidity prognosis
Teaching: In MS and BS degrees and not PhD. See open online courses
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Sanja Avramovic

Sanja Avramovic, PhD

Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Health Informatics, databases, data mining, predictive modeling
Teaching: MS and BS level courses in databases, health information systems and data mining.
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Zakevia D. Green-Lawson, PhD, MSEd, MSHA, LHRM, RHIA, FAHIMA, BCSC

Assistant Professor
MS in Health Informatics Online Coordinator
Capstone Practicum Coordinator
Research Interests: Health Information Exchange (HIE), interoperability, Electronic Health Records (EHRs), cultural competency, healthcare disparities, global informatics, health informatics and information management curriculum development and redesign, online learning and andragogy in health informatics & information management
                                                     Teaching: MS level courses in health informatics.
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Sorina Madison, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Population health informatics, electronic health records, data extraction and analysis, data visualization, health disparities, privacy and security of health information 
Teaching: MS and BS course in health informatics, population health informatics, informatics tools, HIPAA privacy and security.
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Hua Min

Hua Min, MD, PhD

Associate Professor
Research Interests: Medical ontologies and applications, data standards, data integration and analysis from different EHR systems
Teaching: MS and BS level courses in data standards and vocabularies, data integration.
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Y. Alicia Hong, PhD

Research Interests: Digital health, telehealth, personalized behavioral intervention, program planning and evaluation, patient-centered health outcomes, patient-provider communication in the digital context
Teaching: MS and PhD level courses in social determinants of health, mHealth, telehealth, systematic review, scientific communication.
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See here for publications list.


Panagiota (Yiota) Kitsantas, PhD

Director, PhD Program in Health Services Research
Research Interests: Perinatal and pediatric epidemiology, maternal health, data mining
Teaching: MS and PhD level courses in statistics, research methods, teaching practicum.
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Jinshan Tang

Research Interests:  Medical image analysis, medical imaging, computer-aided cancer detection, AI for COVID-19 detection, computational biology and bioinformatics, big medical data analysis  
Teaching:  Ph.D. and MS level courses in health informatics 
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Janusz Wojtusiak, PhD

Associate Professor
Director, Programs in Health Informatics and Machine Learning and Inference Laboratory
Research Interests: Artificial intelligence, machine learning, clinical decision support, temporal and spatiotemporal data analysis, modeling of patient outcomes
Teaching: MS and Ph.D. level courses in data mining, artificial intelligence applied in health.
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Hong Xue

Hong Xue, PhD

Associate Professor
Research Interests: Health economics, nutritional epidemiology, systems modeling, obesity, tobacco use, mHealth, and big data and machine learning in noncommunicable disease research
Teaching: MS and PhD level courses in research methods and health informatics.
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Part-time and Adjunct faculty

Eman ElAshkar, MD, Health Information Systems
Diana Ciricean, MD, MS, IT Methods
Timothy P. Coffin, PhD, Databases and Health Information Systems
Joo Li Lee, MS, Computational Tools and IT Methods
James L. Oakes, Health Information Systems
Afshin Pashai, MBA, Mobile Health
Andrew S. Ritcheson, Health Information Systems
Farhad Safaie, IT Project Management
Ying Wang, PhD, Computational Tools and IT Methods
Kathy Westpheling, Coordination of undergraduate information internship courses